Jacques Mersereau is a Michigan-based author, cinematographer, editor, director, and producer.

Jacques Mersereau’s artistic career began in 1980 as a horn player in SLK, one of America’s very first Ska bands. Playing their own original material, SLK toured their music around the midwest, where most people thought they and their ‘punk reggae’ came from Neptune.  Headlining their own concerts before thousands of their own fans, SLK also opening shows for the legends: The Clash, Peter Tosh, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Danny Elfman’s Oingo Boingo, and others.

When SLK broke up in 1985, Jacques’ talent as an audio engineer led to a successful career in both live audio and studio recording working with such notables as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and helping to record over two-hundred-fifty gospel records with over forty of those making the Billboard Charts. He also produced Groove Spoon’s, “Psychic Gyration” which won a Detroit Music Award in 1996 and has mixed live concerts with over one-hundred-thousand in attendance.

In 2002, Jacques and his partner Christi Vedejs, the love of his life, produced and directed the Emmy Award winning documentary, “An Osprey Homecoming”, which also garnered a Finalist Award at the 2005 International Wildlife Film Festival beating out entries from The BBC, CBC and Japan’s NHK.

Jacques is currently the Managing Producer for the University of Michigan Digital Media Commons Video Studio, a black-box, multimedia, performance and experimental television production theatre, where he works with artists on a daily basis taking ideas from ‘blank paper’ to the stage where they are recorded by multiple cameras in broadcast quality Ultra-High-Definition video.

Author’s Acknowledgement

The Evil Exists adventure  began over ten years ago with the idea of writing the scariest movie script since William Peter Blatty’s Academy Award winning, “The Exorcist.”  Never one to let reality or good sense keep me from taking on goals far beyond my capabilities, finishing a novel, and now self-publishing “Evil Exists,” has proven to be not one, but a range of harrowing mountains. My thanks to all my friends at the Horror Writers’ Association – their willingness to share their expertise and overflowing talents helped me take on the challenge of a lifetime.  Lo and behold, after endless hours of hair pulling (I am now bald), puzzle solving and slowly absorbing what it is that makes a great story, the wrought iron gates to a vast underworld slowly creaked open, daring me to descend into the fascinating and mysterious world of the horror writer.

I could not have possibly written this story without the love of my life, Christi Vedejs, and I dedicate it to her. An author of her own books, Christi has invested almost as much time as I have, and I owe her everything because of her many skillsets. Certainly, my life would not be as blessed without all of her love and support – not to mention her fathomless well of patience that I nearly emptied – and her willingness to join me on this crazy journey. After all, friends just don’t look at you the same way after they hear you’re a horror writer!

If you enjoyed, “Evil Exists • Book One: The Ring of Solomon,” I would gently ask you to do me the  favor of writing a review on Amazon. There are so many talented authors and great books out there that it can be hard for someone who is just getting going to ‘attain orbit.’ It is your reviews that will help spread the word. The second book of the “Evil Exists” series, “Evil Exists • Book Two: The Cabal of Cain,” is due to be released in the near future, so please keep an eye out for it.

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