Evil Exists Trilogy: Book 1

Evil Exists is an epic trilogy that unearths the root of evil. The story begins with the murder of Abel by his brother Cain. In punishment, God marks Cain with a white skin, so that all would know him and none take revenge. Cain and his people then seek refuge in the north, where they secretly master the world’s economies and war machines.Two hundred years later, on the night of the Blood Moon, the Cabal of Cain plans to conjure its demonic messiah, Cain’s biological father, The Great Lord, Lucifer. The Cabal believes that the human population explosion and the subsequent pollution and depletion of resources threaten even their own existence. Their solution is to exterminate four billion innocents using the Ring of King Solomon to control The Great Lord after He is brought back to life in human flesh.

Only the prophesied High Priestess, Elizabeth Faith Weiss, and the Dravidians stand in the way of the Cabal’s hateful plan. Written by Jacques Mersereau.

Gothic Books like Harry Potter, Books like Lord of the Rings

Evil Exists – Book II – The Cabal of Cain (release date May, 2024)

Evil Exists – Book III – The Arc of the Covenant (May 2025)