Book One: The Ring of Solomon

solomonAloha and Praises to You All and Welcome to My First ever Blog Post! I have to say that it’s wonderful to be a writer and even better when others are interested in what you write. At some point, maybe after imbibing in any number of mind-altering substances, you may come to wonder why I wrote what I wrote – or maybe not because … you’re stoned! LOL.

It began with the desire to create something that is fun to read and at the same time, would be based on historical events and facts as we know them–with a dark twist. Because we humans are rarely told the whole truth, when it does finally come out, we usually discover that the reality of what went down is far more interesting than the deception. I am constantly thinking and being entertained by ideas of, ‘what if this actually happened’ instead of the tasteless dry flour everyone tries to make us swallow. The whole truth is always eye-opening.

So why horror?

My ‘post school’ career began in music, even though I didn’t study it in college. But once freed, I worked hard to make my living as an audio engineer and band member, because I simply ADORE music.

Part of my journey had the Universe choose me to be part of a team that recorded over two hundred live gospel albums in and around the Mecca of Gospel, Detroit, Michigan. Most of them were recorded before live audiences in churches, with large choirs and accomplished world-class musicians who could sing like angels and lay down a groove as greasy as Motown’s Funk Brothers. During that time in my life, I received a tremendous gift: not only to work with some of the greatest talent in the genre, but even more so, to talk, collaborate and learn from people who didn’t have much material wealth, but whose lives centered around a good God and His Church.

Since I was raised by wonderful parents, but who didn’t believe in God, I was fascinated by the idea of higher powers and spirits, both good and evil. I knew nothing of them or the Bible, but one concept I overheard during one of the many discussions, was a churchgoer who claimed that good people are vulnerable to being, if only during a short fit of anger, taken over by a ‘spirit’ and made to do terrible things by evil. Somehow, despite my agnostic and scientific upbringing, I had experienced some weird and inexplicable things, so this seemed plausible. I was enticed to learn more about demons and demonology.

My epic trilogy, “Evil Exists” begins with, “Book One – The Ring of Solomon.”

So why Solomon?

King Solomon was the son of the first king of the Hebrews, David, the child who slayed the giant Goliath with a sling (this guy, David, I had heard of in grade school). Certainly, King Solomon had a compelling pedigree, but two things drew me to him like a tractor beam. First, he was blessed by God because when God asked, he chose knowledge over wealth to become the wisest man ever to have lived. Second, I was intrigued by the vision that God sent to Solomon, about fabricating a special ring he was to use to control demons. This magical signet that could force demons to cut and move the massive stones required to construct the First Temple in Jerusalem, the world’s first church, and a safe place to house the treasures of the Hebrew Faith including the famous Arc of the Covenant.

Demons, magic rings and treasures? The Arc of the Covenant? This had the makings of an epic tale. I was ‘all in’ with writing a story based on his highness, King Solomon, and what happened to his powerful ring over the millennia.

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More to Come Regarding Ring of Solomon: Watch for My Next Blog Post

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