Jacques Mersereau is a cinematographer, editor, director, and producer.

Jacques Mersereau’s after-school adventures began in 1981 as a horn player in the seven-piece ska band, SLK, a group of mods & rude boys who played their original songs throughout the Midwest’s live-music-bar circuit, earning them thousands of fans in Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit.  SLK also opened concerts for The Clash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Peter Tosh, Bad Manners, and Danny Elfman’s Oingo Boingo.
Evil Exists: An Epic Fantasy Horror Trilogy

When SLK ‘s drummer blew apart in 1985, Jacques’ talent as an audio engineer quickly turned into a professional career.  Over the years, he worked mixing everyone from reggae clubs to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to Grammy winning talent and the legends of jazz. He helped record dozens of live gospel albums with many charting on Billboard.  In 1996, Jacques produced the band Groove Spoon’s, “Psychic Gyration,” which won a Detroit Music Award for best R&B album that year.

After taking the position of Managing Producer of the University of Michigan Video Studio, Jacques turned his eye to cinematic video production. And in 2005, Jacques and his partner Christi Vedejs, produced and directed the Emmy Award winning nature documentary, “An Osprey Homecoming,” which also garnered a Finalist Award at the International Wildlife Film Festival that same year.

“Evil Exists • Book One: The Ring of Solomon,” is the result of ten years of research with the idea of creating an modernized epic that might be the scariest story of biblical horror since William Peter Blatty’s Academy Award winning, “The Exorcist.” 

And if you enjoyed, “Evil Exists • Book One: The Ring of Solomon,” I would kindly ask you to do me the favor of writing a review on Amazon. There are so many talented authors and great books out there that it can be hard to ‘attain orbit.’ Your review will help spread the word. The second book of the “Evil Exists” series, “Evil Exists • Book Two: The Cabal of Cain,” is due to be released this coming May 2024, so please keep an eye out for it.